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What We’ll Ask You At Your Eye Exam

Ladies and gentlemen with eye exams scheduled for the near future, can we have your attention please? There are a few things you should inform us of so that we can ensure you are analyzed accurately and thoroughly.

Because vision can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, it's important that you inform us of any changes in your body you might be aware of. What are some things we'd need to know about? Here are a few examples: allergies, pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other serious condition.

Eye doctors will also take into consideration a few things about your lifestyle habits, like if you're a smoker, as this can have a poor effect on your eyes. Tell us how you use your eyes. Do you work at a computer a lot? Knowing these facts will help us to choose the solution to your vision problems.

And if there are any eye diseases effecting members of your family, it's important to tell us, because a number of them are hereditary. Knowing the eye diseases you might be prone to will make it simpler for us to look out for and monitor any red flags.

Come see us if you observe any changes to your vision including double vision, blurriness, flashes of light or spots. We will ascertain what's causing the symptom, and suggest the best possible way to treat it. Don't forget to take your newest pair of glasses with you to the exam. Your specs can tell us important things about your vision, even if you're a contact lens wearer. We look forward to working with you, and making sure you get good vision.

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