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Air Optix Colors

AIR OPTIX COLORS 1 newPearson Eyecare Group offers a full line of contact lenses including: Air Optix Colors contact lenses. Air Optix Colors contact lenses are superbly breathable and offer exceptional comfort. Air Optix Colors contact lenses offer the most oxygen possible in a color contact lens.  Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses allows you to focus on your life and not focus on your contacts.
Air Optix Colors contact lenses are easy to insert and are instantly fresh and comfortable. The breathable feature allows for moisture with every blink and refreshes all day long. Air Optix Colors contact lenses have an ultra smooth surface which protects the eye lens from irritating and annoying eye deposits and lets you enjoy constant comfort from your contacts.
Visit the Air Optix Color Studio to virtually try on different color contact lenses to see how they complement your appearance.
Air Optix Colors contact lenses offer a 3 in 1 Color Technology: the outer ring defines the eye, the center is the primary color and changes the eye color and the inner ring brightens and adds depth to the eye. There are over ten colors with options of vibrant or subtle to choose from.
Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses are highly recommended for comfort, clear vision and eyes continuously moisturized by the breathable system.   

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