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Vigilance - the key to maintaining sight

Our vision provides for a significant quality of life. Regular eye exams are paramount to maintaining vision for those with the disease and their family members. It is never too early to develop good habits to protect our eyes.

In the early stages of vision loss from AMD, many do not recognize that vision is diminishing in an eye as the other eye compensates. It may be months before one realizes that one eye is not seeing well. Unfortunately, up to 80% of those with advanced AMD present too late for treatment, resulting in irreversible vision loss in an eye.

Early diagnosis is critical

Early detection, diagnosis and treatment allow for better visual outcomes. Effective treatments for wet AMD exist and work best when administered before severe vision loss occurs. When you understand your risk, you and your eye doctor in Mesa, Glendale, and Phoenix, AZ can develop a personalized program to manage your disease. Monitoring and treatment can begin before your symptoms progress, enabling you to maintain your best possible vision.

What else can be done?

Knowledge of Macula Risk® test results and MPOD values before advanced forms of AMD emerge allows for effective lifestyle interventions. These may include:

• smoking cessation
• increased dietary antioxidant consumption (dark green and brightly colored vegetables)
• micronutrient supplementation such as MacuHealth with macular carotenoids, especially Meso-Zeaxanthin
• control of blood pressure, cholesterol,  and body weight
• use of UV-protective eyewear

Individuals who do not know their risk are unlikely to change any of these habits.  The earlier you understand your risk, the better your chance to save your sight.

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