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Monitor AMD

ForeseeHome PHP®  -  Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter

ForeseeHome PHP® allows for the early detection of Wet AMD.  Performed daily, this home-based test has the potential to save one's vision from the destructive forces of Wet AMD.  The testing procedure is simple, comfortable to perform, and takes just a few minutes per eye.  Currently, there is no

other technology of this type available.

Historically, most patients with Dry AMD rely on an Amsler grid to monitor vision.   The problem with this is that by the time a patient notices distortion in their vision, it is generally too late to treat the underlying choroidal neovascularization (new blood vessel).


By performing the ForeseeHome PHP® daily, a new vessel can potentially be caught early, while it is still amenable to thus preservice vision


Monitor Your AMD in One of Our Practice in Phoenix, AZ

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