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Halloween Costume Contacts Promo

PopUp Halloween2015 2 3 Ways to Save this Halloween Season:

Special #1: $199

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Contact Lens Evaluation
  • One Pair of Costume Lenses


Special #2: $119

  • Contact Lens Evaluation,
  • One pair of costume lenses (if the eye exam completed in the last 9 months)


Speical #3: $99

  • Office Visit
  • One Pair of Costume Lenses (if the eye exam and the contact lens evaluation completed in last 9 months)

This promotion ends on Oct. 17, 2015.


Directions To:

Mesa Grand

Superstition Springs Mall

Camelback Colonnade

Arrowhead Towne Center

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Beginning in 2021, you will find us in Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale in all new and remodeled offices.

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