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Dry Eyes vs. Red Eyes: How To Know and What To Do About It by Dr. Peasrson

Red eye and dry eye syndrome can look very much the same. Both red eyes and dry eye syndrome include itchy, dry, red eyes. A person who has dry eye syndrome will often suffer thinking that their red, dry, itchy eyes are nothing more than something minor, like allergies, until he/she decides that their condition is not improving significantly and perhaps they should consult an eye doctor. Fortunately, Dr. Kerry Pearson of Pearson Eyecare Group in Mesa, Arizona treats dry eye syndrome quite often and has included some of his extensive knowledge below to help you recognize this uncomfortable and painful eye condition faster, to prevent prolonging your pain and discomfort unduly.

Sometimes your eyes may become irritated by allergens or foreign substances. This causes tiny blood vessels throughout your eyes to be inflamed and enlarged enlarged. As a result, these blood vessels become much more visible, lending your eyes a reddish hue. This is what is commonly known as “red eyes.”

Dr. Pearson comments, “Generally, red eyes are not a condition worth worrying about too much. Red eyes will resolve themselves without any medical attention in many more cases than not. It is worth note, however, that the great number of conditions that can cause dry eyes makes it difficult to pinpoint what the exact cause is sometimes, and it is important to know that if your red eyes are accompanied by a significant fever and/or headache, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Nonetheless, red eyes are generally minor and should not be a source of anxiety unless accompanied by these additional symptoms.”

In contrast to the above, dry eye syndrome does not go away unless professional medical help is obtained. One of two flaws in the production of tears by the eyes cause this unfortunate and none-too-comfortable condition. Either:
The eyes don't make enough tears, and the eye cannot be comfortably hydrated
The eye produces tears which are flawed. They often lack one or more essential parts normally included in tears to allow them to properly coat and hydrate the eye.

Eye doctors have developed something called “artificial tears” to combat the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome. These special eye drops are made to imitate real tears as closely as possible, and are made in a number of different formulations. Which formulation is best for you depends largely on the underlying cause of your dry eye syndrome. Some help to to address the issues of dry eye syndrome in which tears are lacking in quantity, and others will add one or more building blocks to your tears to help them better perform their intended function.

Dr. Kerry Pearson is expert in dry eye syndrome and is here to help identify and treat whatever your condition may be. Contact him at Pearson Eyecare Group today.

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