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Mobile Devices and Your Eyes

Technologically, we've really progressed in the past few years and now, it would be difficult to find someone not on some sort of mobile device. It's hard not to acknowledge that these devices are wonderful, because they let us stay connected almost always. Nevertheless because handheld devices have little screens, most people tend to hold their smartphones a lot closer to their eyes than they hold newspapers and books. Reading off handheld devices can actually create a whole set of challenges for your eyes.

Small text and images require your eyes to work much harder just to see clearly. This can cause problems, not least for those that use vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses. If you already wear glasses, holding your phone or tablet too close can make it even harder for your eyes to correct for distance. This puts strain on your eyes, and you end up with headaches or migraines, which aren't pleasant.

In addition to this, more screen time can reduce your blink rate, and that can lead to dry eyes and blurry vision.

But we can't all just stop using our phones. So what's the solution? In order to prevent eyestrain and blurred vision resulting from the use of our phones, we recommend that you hold the phone further away, and make the text a little bigger, so you can still read it. It's also helpful to remember to frequently give yourself a break from staring at your phone. If you still experience eyestrain, it might be time for glasses to help you focus up close. So be smart about the way you use your mobile devices and care for your eyes to ensure that your vision is protected.

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