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Retaining Good Vision in Middle Age

Many people begin to notice problems with reading small print and seeing close objects during their 40s. This condition is known as presbyopia. Fortunately, this doesn't mean that individuals who already wear prescription eyeglasses for distance vision are required to carry around two pairs of glasses and continually switch between them. Multifocal lenses will allow you to see clearly always, tending to both issues with just one pair of glasses.

Multifocals are far superior to bifocals. Bifocals did correct poor near and far vision, but usually objects in between were blurry. To create a better product, progressive lenses were made, which offer and intermediate or transition part of the lens which lets your eyes to focus on distances that are in the middle. But what creates this effect? Well, progressive lenses are expertly curved, unlike a bifocal lens, which is sharply divided. Because of this, progressive lenses are also known as no-line lenses.

But, it can take some time to adjust to no-line lenses. While the subtle lens curve results in a product that is elegant, the lens's areas of focus are relatively small, because they all need to fit.

While these days, these progressive lenses (also called trifocals) are for presbyopia, bifocals are still used to aid children or adolescents who suffer from eye problems such as eye teaming, or being unable to focus while reading, which causes eye strain.

It's also crucial to get professionally fitted, and not turn to drugstore bifocals. Many of these ''ready-made'' glasses are one-size-fits-all, which means that the both lenses contain the same prescription and that the optical center of the lens is not customized for the wearer.

If your prescription or fit is off you could find yourself suffering from eye strain, discomfort and even migraines. Unfortunately, presbyopia is a reality of getting older. But don't forget; multifocal lenses can make all the difference.

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