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Keeping the Home Atmosphere Eye-Safe


In recognition of Home & Sports Eye Safety Month, this post will focus on ways to keep your home safe for your eyes specifically for children. It's important to be proactive to ensure your house is safe for your children's eyes.

In general, children are born with an partially developed optical system that develops with them. As part of normal baby optical development, babies can view objects only up close. A youngster's optical system is continuously stimulated as the individual matures. Toys can be one of the fastest ways to stimulate children's eyes. Nevertheless, you should consider that a lot of childhood accidents take place in the house, many of them with games and toys.

What's the best way to prevent accidents? Here are some simple tips for selecting games for the house that are safe for your child's eyes.

First of all, check that long-handled toys - such as sticks- aren't sharp-edged, and prohibit or monitor young children carefully if they are handling them. Though building blocks are generally safe for almost any age, it's important to check that the sides are rounded, in order to avoid eye or other bodily damage. It's a good idea to stay away from toys that shoot objects in the air, such as arrows or guns. If you can't eliminate them altogether, then use of these toys should be monitored by a responsible adult. If your older child plays with a chemistry set or woodworking tools, make sure to give him or her protective goggles.

In addition to toys, other household dangers exist that you should be aware of. Sharp corners on tables are right at the level of the eye for small children and can frequently cause serious injury. Chemicals that are accessible are another culprit for injury for kids and need to be kept out of reach or locked up to prevent curious children from obtaining them.

Although it's true that toys may not always be totally risk-free, there are lots of excellent toys that can contribute to a child's eyesight. There are many age-appropriate toys for youngsters that provide terrific ways to grow visual development. When buying toys for kids, go for those that develop hand-eye coordination and will encourage kids to learn about spatial relationships. It can also be a good idea to do some research before making a purchase. Then you can ensure that your purchase is safe for your child's eyes and will enrich their visual development at the same time!

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