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Makeup Advice for Contact Lens Wearers from your Mesa, AZ Eye Care Practitioner

For those who use contact lenses a number of precautions should be taken when applying cosmetics. Below are a few pointers for ways to ensure you keep your eyes attractive and healthy.

Purchasing Makeup

To start, eye care professionals recommend you use only brands that are oil and fragrance free. Further, to avoid peeling or smearing, which could result in irritating your contacts, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Lastly you should replace makeup used on your eyes frequently - it is preferable to replace mascara monthly, liners every three months and shadows after half a year.

Tips on The Safe Application of Makeup

Always make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly prior to applying your lenses. Put on eye shadow, liner and mascara gently so you won't jostle your contacts. Try not to apply mascara or eye liner to the lid inside the lashes and apply mascara from the middle of the eyelashes instead of the bottom near the lid. Don't share makeup with others or apply when your eyes are red or infected.

In addition to removing cosmetics daily try to think ahead and avoid wearing contacts when dying or treating your hair with any sort of chemical.

Being careful when using makeup when wearing contacts can prevent red, swollen or infected eyes and scratches, breaks or breakdown of lenses.

If your eyes become swollen or infected avoid wearing any cosmetics around the eyes. Feel free to call your optometrist if you experience any redness, pain, or irritation. Our Mesa, AZ eye doctor will be glad to assist you with any lens issues that you may be having.

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