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Sunblock and your Eyes

Those who have regrettably gotten sunblock in their eyes are aware just how painful it can be. In fact, someone who has experienced a severe case may say that it is a good alternative to carrying around mace or pepper spray. It can take hours until the victim can comfortably open his eyes, particularly in the glaring sun.

There's no doubt getting sunblock in your eyes is likely to ruin a day of fun in the sun instantly. Although the discomfort will probably last for a while, you should try to treat it as soon as possible.

The best way to treat the condition is to flush out the eye under a stream of water for some time. Doing so will get the sunblock out of the eye however it probably won't relieve the burning for a while. For discomfort, cool, wet cloths to the eyes may have a soothing effect. Applying eye drops such as Visine may help in rinsing out the eye, but they will burn.

Remember, even though the summer is almost over, it is advised to use sunscreen throughout the year to guard your skin from the dangers of ultraviolet light.

Preventative Tips

  1. Never spray sunscreen directly on the face.

  2. Never let little children apply lotion themselves.

  3. Never leave spray lotions in reach of small children and use the lock mechanism when not in use.

  4. Never let small children rub in sunscreen. If they have sunscreen on their hands they may rub it in their eyes.

  5. Be very careful not to apply sunblock too close to the eyes.

  6. Use sunglasses to guard the eyes and the surrounding areas from ultraviolet rays.

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