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Young Adults and Contacts

Requiring glasses is often met with resistance from a adolescent. Young adults balk at the very idea of being seen in glasses and coming across ''uncool''. Compared to glasses, children and teenagers that use lenses report a significant improvement in their appearance, says a newly released study. The study report demonstrates that beginning from the age of eight, children may prefer being given the option of contact lenses. Researchers published the study in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, published by the Contact Lens Association.

So what makes contact lenses so critical for teenagers? Teenagers are insecure, and they generally feel more positive about themselves when they're not sporting a pair of glasses. Contact lenses may enhance a young adult's self-image by providing them a less visible alternative for vision correction.

While teens are generally provided with contact lenses, children under thirteen are usually not given the option of lenses, because optometrists or parents don't feel that children have the proper maturity to take care of them appropriately. In truth, with the right instruction, even at age eight, children are as competent at using and tending for contact lenses and they should be offered the option.

Generally before your child purchases lenses you will want to speak to your eye care practitioner to go over any potential issues your child might encounter. Our optometry practice located in Mesa, AZ, can help you to come up with the right prescription for your teenager's contacts.

If your pre-teen or teenager needs vision correction, why not try lenses? Through something as simple as a soft lens, you can make a world of a difference for your teen. With the wide variety of contacts available, you and your eye doctor can work with your child to figure out what modality is most suitable for their character and style of life.

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