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Preventing Children’s Eye Damage with Protective Glasses

Studies show that eye injuries account for 40,000 emergency room visits a year. This is an eye trauma every 780 seconds! Eye Care professionals believe that the vast majority of the damage could be easily avoided by using protective eyewear. More often than not injuries occur when individuals are playing recreational activities or doing work around the home. Children are particularly at risk for accidents involving eye damage, which often occur during active play.

If you have children who are involved in active sport, you should be sure they use protective glasses during active play. You can lead by example by purchasing a pair of new full-coverage safety glasses for yourself to use when involved in contact sports or working with power tools. Make sure your kids follow your example. In addition, let your kids choose safety glasses in the style they like.

In order to get the appropriate fit and the proper amount of protection, ask an experienced optician for recommendations. Our professionals are happy to help you in buying the right pair of glasses for your child, depending on the type of activity they will be used for. If your child has glasses, safety glasses can be customized with prescription lenses from your eye care provider. Consider trivex or polycarbonate lenses if your child plays rough sports. They are not only more shatter-resistant, they are also lighter than plastic lenses, which tends to be more comfortable.

Be informed when buying safety eyewear. It's worth it when it comes to protecting your child's vision!

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